Monday, November 13, 2017

Chromed out Tis the Season

Erie county in the fall is a favorite of mine.   The past weekend temps put us to the test.   The streamer bite was darn good. Managed to get my son  some fly rod time fish.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sucker for new

I am real sucker for new things.  Met a gentleman prodalky three years while fishing up North. We talked and he say try these h e gave me  Lively legz  pheasant tail.  I fished it the rest of the day with great success.  So, I came home order the product and it sat.   Until being re-introduced  to them thru my local shop. By the way Jim's sport center in Clearfield stocks them.

S/W minnow

Bass treats

Friday, April 21, 2017

Early morning Streamers

4am  why not bring out the flash..

Hareline Dubbins Ripple ice fiber is amazing stuff.   It is like Light saber in the water.  Also having messing with Nayat from Foxy Tails Uk  it is some Interesting stuff super long fibers

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bent Barb Fly Company

 Custom Streamers Contact BBFC for your streamer needs 

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, November 4, 2016

Two in the net

The past few months have been a blur. My children seem to become professional  athletes. whom demand seven day a week training.  Along with ny wife's new postion has put a hurting on my trout bum lifestyle.  Mind you I try to fish once a week and I am always in the fly shop at least twice a week. 

My mind has been in a mental state of  blah. Cursing instagram one day a ran across riversong  nets. I forgot about three years ago my bearded brother Joe Kayafas gave me the information on wooden landing nets done by John Parise.  I friend  John on facebook instagram and asked about prices of nets. 
And that was that. I thought about it..
Nets have always been a pain in my ass. If they  not tangled in the brush there would be smacking  me in the back of the head.  So, I put that on the back burning

Back to the present looking a the photos of the nets brought back a memory of 1991 maybe 1992 shop class at old conformity high.   One of our project was a wooden net. Which  today is hanging in my fly tying room collecting dust.

I then got did some research. I also contacted john asked  a lot of questions. He was kind enough  to guide in a way not to give up all his secrets.

I began gathered tools from my father's house.  cleared him and my father in law of any clamps they owned.  I went to lowes and beyond  for hardwoods. Collect a slew of strips and blocks of dark light grainy wood. 

My first form was two section of plywood roughly cut from a tracing.  This net has been yet be finished. Waiting on a slot cutter from my local hardware store. Dreading the thought of ruining it with one foul swoop of the router table. I now call this net round one phase one

On to my current kindly named Round 2 phase 2.  Round one net being a little off. I   left tracing behind for a square, circle templates, MDf and  a compass.  After a couple of nights of sawing, sanding and hand filing it is ready to form.   We will see how she makes out. I will keep  you updated in the next couple week.

I would also like to point you in the direction of River Song Nets 

If you are in the need of a net message him. They are a Beautiful  hand made nets


The following is a progression on my work. Highschool to round deuce